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CTI is a prominent security consulting, planning, and design corporation. Our security experts, specialists, and engineers have provided high tech security system and program solutions for federal, state, and city governments, major corporations, and the aviation industry since 1986.  

Based in Maryland, CTI is a woman-owned and minority-owned corporation certified by the US Small Business Administration and the US Department of Transportation as a Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. 

Why CTI?

The right kind of expertise to meet your needs

CTI has extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience in all areas of security, including vulnerability assessments, training, counter-terrorism support, design of security systems, and emergency plan development.  Our experience, professionalism and dedication to customer service is evident by the many satisfied clients we've serviced over the last four decades.

Independent and objective consulting services

CTI does not represent any security equipment or products, nor do we have any alliances with manufacturers or vendors offering products or services. This ensures our objectivity and assures that our only goals are total client satisfaction and the successful completion of all project tasks.

Certified DBE in multiple jurisdictions

CTI's status as a woman-owned and minority owned corporation enables us to meet any project DBE percentage requirements. We can serve as the minority component or as the Prime Contractor - either way, our participation will strengthen any team and our status will ensure that any project DBE goals are met or exceeded. CTI is certified as a DBE in many locations across the country and we are in the process of becoming certified in many more.

Explore the security consulting services CTI provides

Security Assessments

Threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments. Security surveys. Gap analysis. We'll help you identify your critical areas, assess your conditions, and let you know where you stand.


Security and Awareness Training

Keeping your security staff, employees, and managers up to date on the latest developments and best practices for dealing with threats - inside and outside the organization.


Security and Emergency Planning

Whether you need new or amended security planning, emergency planning, evacuation planning, or future system planning assistance, we can help.


Security Systems Design and Oversight

We'll recommend options based on your needs and budget, then design an integrated system, write the specifications, and provide the contract management and testing to see it through to completion. From access control, to video, to intrusion detection, and more. 

Security Program Enhacement

CTI provides security staffing studies, policies and procedures development, security officer training, and regulatory compliance services to ensure your operational needs are being met.

Security Compliance

For over 30 years CTI consultants have worked at regulated facilities, helping clients navigate a changing compliance landscape. CTI staff participated in TSA security construction guidelines development and serve on industry committees to help you stay ahead of the regulatory curve.


We bring decades of experience to work for you. 

Ray Garza


Ray has worked in law enforcement and security for over 40 years. He is an expert in compliance, threat and vulnerability assessments, counter-terrorism program development, master security planning, and security/police staffing studies.

Rich Roth

Executive Director

Formerly of the US Secret Service's Technical Security Division, Rich works with airlines, airports, and the Federal Government on the use of high technology access control, x-ray, metal detectors, biometrics, CCTV, and video analytics. He also is an expert in computer security and bomb blast analysis.


Trenton Scott 

Vice President

Trenton has a wide area of expertise in security assessments, guidelines development, access control management best practices, insider threat mitigation, cybersecurity compliance, security design and oversight, and cost-benefit analyses. 



Protecting critical transportation infrastructure

CTI's track record at airports is extensive. Over 80 aviation clients in the US and abroad have used our services to deal with threats and achieve regulatory compliance. 


Safeguarding public and public-use facilities

CTI has worked with entities at the federal, state and local level to enhance their programs to keep the public safe. This includes public safety and law enforcement studies to increase their effectiveness.


Expert consulting to help improve the bottom line

Whether the threat is corporate espionage or insider threats, CTI has assisted businesses large and small in maximizing their return on security investment.


Mitigating the risk to students and faculty

CTI has used technology and security program enhancements to make public and private schools at all levels safer. We have also provided emergency management plans and facilitated drills and exercises.

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